Sunday, April 6, 2008

Body and motion research

As a part of our Intro to Sculpture class we were asked to research a motion or set of motions our bodies make. I thought a lot about the body and its relationship to gravity, light, and force. In my Recent Sculptural Practices art history class we have been reading a lot about minimalism and the triangulation between the viewer (body), the work of art, and the space. Many artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Robert Irwin and Alfredo Jaar have used light and installation space to manipulate the viewers perception of the space. 
When approaching this research project I didn't want to pick a circumstance or motion arbitrarily, I wanted it to relate to my recent projects and perhaps help me develop and articulate my artistic investigations more clearly. I discussed the research process  with Jonathan and he asked me "what is your work about?" It took me a little while for me to categorize and summarize the many different assignments and themes I have been working with recently and I finally came up with the concise answer: "the ocean." Until we have this discussion I was aware of my fixation with coral and other organic forms and organisms in the ocean, but it had never come together in my mind so neatly. Jonathan then suggested that I research how the body moves in water and how water moves around the body and other objects in the ocean. Perhaps this fixation with the ocean comes from my Caribbean blood. Some how since I've been away from the coast, here in Alfred I am much more sensitive to the ocean. 

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