Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Final Project

So I am beginning to figure out my final project. I am making an object to restrain the movement of playing a record. I altered a fabulous pair of cheetah-print gloves last night so that they inhibit motion in all the fingers except for the pinkies. I now need pick the music for the piece. I want it to be from the 50's or 60's in keeping with the time period of the gloves and the record player. I now need to make a shelf to display the piece (if I can install it wherever our show will be) and I need to film one of my roommates performing with these gloves. 

I feel like I've been working in the dark this whole semester. We have no where to work, no space for our class to work because our classroom is a shared space. I have heard people complaining about grading for the class. I find it difficult because we work by ourselves some where else and then present our work with no feedback until the critique. I hope we will be provided with more feedback next week in our in-process critiques. I feel like the assignments have been so broad which is great, but we haven't had enough clear feedback along the way to encourage our ideas and craft to be improved, which has led to a somewhat bitter class as we were suddenly given grades. I hope the process will improve as we enter or final project.

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Jonathan said...

Here! Here! Thank you for putting in writing how frustrated I have been with the lack of guidance and communication in this class. I believe these blogs were supposed to give us an environment where we could share ideas, but I know it hasn't worked out that way. The majority of comments in my blog have come from people outside of class.
I wonder if this situation is due to the practice of the instructor. Think about it, a metal sculptor works in solitude until a piece has to be installed/shown and then the comments/critiques fall as they may after the completion of the work. Sound Familiar?