Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bronze Kiln God on Site

I went today and took pictures of my bronze kiln god mini-monument on top of the wood kiln. 


Anonymous said...

This looks like a monument to the Fire Kiln. I liked how you displayed it with burnt newspaper, broken wood shards, and kiln bricks on a pedestal. I get a real tribal connection from the two faces and how they are facing the two different kinds of kiln really is a cool way to visualize the process. One face seems calm while the other has a sinister gaze going on. I like the fact that the images are good quality and not computer print outs.... also good job on the craft of the bronze piece. I like the color too. Good stuff.

J3w F0r Y3w said...

I enjoy the piece very much, espeically the fact that you used a plain white pedestal, as well as creating a little pedestal with burn fire wood, bricks, etc to place your piece on it. Very symbolic to show that he can be a totem or an idol or a representative of being a Fire G-d or a pottery g-d, or a whorshipped for good fortune, Thats what i feel from the piece and the pictures as well. The picture is hung up nicely, as well as the piece being very nicely done. I got one question, in which did you intended to leave the line in which shows the seperation of the mold, or thats just not being totally finished on the sides?

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy the aged ancient ffeel theat the metal has. it clearly is a idol or god that should be worshipoed. the pictures would depict a ceramics god with twin faces depending on the outcome of the firing . the tribal faces are a clear depiciton of an idol. sweet